elmr 0.5.6

  • new prune_twigs() function that removes twigs less than a threshold length. Useful thing to do as part of preparing dotprops() objects for nblast().
  • Fix strange arrows in plot3d.ngraph() (#45)
  • Allow open_fafb() to specify a different CATMAID server (including via a catmaid_connection() object) (#44)
  • Teach nblast_fafb() to prune twigs by default
  • fix hitherto silent bugs revealed by R 3.6

elmr 0.5.5

  • teach open_fafb() to make many URLs at once e.g. for results of tagged_details (#41)

elmr 0.5.4

elmr 0.5.3

  • teach simplify_neuron() to handle the inverse as well (#38)
  • change IVLP -> WED in FAFBNP surfaces as well as FAFB14NP (#35)
  • teach fetchn_fafb to work even if FAFB is given as the reference brain (#39)

elmr 0.5.2

elmr 0.5.1

  • teach distal_to() to handle multiple input nodes
  • add simplify_neuron function() to make neuron with just one branchpoint
  • fix summarise_contributions() for ‘synapses’ (#34)
  • change IVLP -> WED in FAFBNP surfaces (#35)
  • fix stitch_neurons() for latest nat 1.9 prerelease (#36)

elmr 0.5

  • switch to FAFB14 as the default EM assembly
  • provide default objects (FAFB, FAFB.surf, FAFBNP.surf) that will always point to current assembly.
  • fix bug in distal_to() (#31)
  • doc improvements for distal_to()

elmr 0.4.2

  • update to 170303_ELM_landmarks_v14 landmarks (including transforming surfaces)
  • first version of unspike() function
  • new vignette - making meshes programmatically
  • insist on nat >= 1.8.8
  • fetchn_fafb()/nblast_fafb() can take pre-downloaded neuronlist
  • teach unspike() to keep connectors/soma (#29)

elmr 0.4.1

  • Add functions to summarise tracer effort

elmr 0.4

  • switch FAFB13-JFRC2013 transform to 170211_new_ELM_landmarks_v7.csv (71 landmarks more evenly spaced on both sides of the brain)
  • update FAFB13 and FAFB13NP surface objects accordingly
  • fix open_fafb() after change in stack id handling
  • add landmarks vignette

elmr 0.3

  • make nblast_fafb() parallelised by default
  • give open_fafb() arguments for selecting neuron/nodes (#24)
  • add FAFB13 brain and neuropil surface objects
  • complete switch to FAFB13 assembly (vignettes etc)
  • fix open_fafb() for v13 (#23)

elmr 0.2.1

elmr 0.2

  • switch to FAFB13 as default template brain
  • much new functionality including transforming between template brains via xform_brain()
  • nblast_fafb() for searches

elmr 0.1

  • first version